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Permanent Solutions To Your Foundation Problems

Many factors contribute to foundation settlement and shifting, including weather, seismic activity, age and more. The Orange County foundation repair team at Dalinghaus has seen every foundation problem you can imagine and provided permanent, professional solutions.

Whether your property needs foundation piers and anchors, carbon fiber repair or slope stabilization services, our goal is to solve your problem and guarantee you won’t have to worry about your foundation again. We never settle with our Orange County foundation repair, and neither should you!


Polylift™ today and it's warrantied until

Maximum Results With Minimum Disruption

Cracked, unlevel concrete has historically required a long and expensive repair process involving the complete removal and replacement of the affected concrete slab. Now, thanks to Polylift™ technology, Dalinghaus is able to lift and level your uneven slab in a fraction of the time with the same high-quality results.

Why spend weeks putting up with the disruption of traditional concrete leveling when you can choose Polylift™ and get back to your normal routine in just a few days? Never settle for less than the best for your Orange County concrete leveling: Dalinghaus Construction.

Proud To Serve Southern California

With decades of collective experience in construction, Brian and Brad Dalinghaus quickly became recognized in Southern California for customer satisfaction and service. Their attention to detail in every job, from Orange County area foundation repairs to slab leveling, keeps customers coming back for future work. There are many reasons to choose Dalinghaus Construction for your next project:

  • Free Estimates for Homeowners
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Thorough Visual Inspection
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Licensed & Insured
  • 0% Financing Available
  • 25 Year Warranty

Meet The Team

Dalinghaus Construction started as a residential contractor and we are proud to continue providing outstanding residential foundation repair services today! Our great outcomes on local homes caught the eye of local real estate agents who helped us expand into the commercial market as well. You can find us working on homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, warehouses and more.

Essentially, if your building has a foundation, we serve you!

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Our foundation repair, concrete lifting, and support and anchoring products are manufactured to the highest standards, comply with the industry’s strictest guidelines and have been tested by over 100 major structural repair contractors throughout North America. Installation of any product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty along with our own in-house written, transferable warranty!

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