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Like residential spaces, commercial properties experience the very same structural damage –only bigger. Because of the purpose of their building, commercial property owners need to make sure that everything is secured with an Orange County earthquake retrofit so that their customers, guests, and people, feel comfortable and safe inside their building. However, there comes a time wherein the building will sustain problems due to age, natural or accidental disasters, and the like. When this happens, not only are you endangering the very structure you are working in, but the lives of the people as well.

Of course, you have the option to deal with these problems through DIYs, but if you wish to have the job done professionally and correctly, then our Orange County earthquake retrofit and commercial foundation repair specialists are just the people you need.

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Dalinghaus has over 50 years of combined experience and offers various services that will surely improve the state of your commercial spaces. We repair, remodel, and retrofit certain areas of your buildings so that when the time comes for an emergency, you will be prepared. Our Orange County commercial foundation repair services include:

Foundation Repair

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The foundations underneath your establishments can only hold so much weight before it loses its strength. Moreover, the condition of the soil below it may have softened over time. Repairing your foundations will prevent your buildings from sinking to the ground.

Concrete Lifting & Leveling

Uneven flooring is not only dangerous to walk on but displeasing to the eye as well. Keep your walkways and floorings stabilized and safe by having them leveled professionally. Our expert team can provide commercial concrete repair.

Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquakes can begin abruptly and are known to rip buildings apart. Protect your properties by providing them the fortification they need during an unforeseen disaster with our Orange County earthquake retrofit services.


Moisture is becoming a problem for a lot of properties in the United States. They can encourage wood rotting, emit foul smelling odors, and become perfect spots for mold and mildew. By waterproofing your commercial spaces, you are giving your customers a safer and healthier environment to be in.

Real Estate Consulting

If you are having problems with starting or moving a business, let us help you find the perfect location to get you started.

We are a flexible and versatile company, so no matter what building we are working on, we make sure that your target customers get the most benefit.

  • Hotels

  • Day Care Centers

  • Hospitals

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Churches

  • Office Buildings

  • Government Offices

  • And Many More!

Structural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere, and we want to make sure that every property in Orange, San Diego & Los Angeles County, CA, has a chance to be under our care. If your establishment is experiencing any problem or plans to have your spaces remodeled, make sure to contact us by dialing: 951-291-0104. You may also visit our contact site here for further questions, inquiries, and the like.

There are several causes of foundation cracks, but it all comes down to the foundation settling at uneven rates. This allows the crack to form, and will allow it to continue to grow as the home continues to settle.

Uneven floors don’t always mean foundation problems, but in most cases that’s exactly what it means! Homeowners should take a marble or ball bearing to see if the floors slope enough to move the marble or ball.

Foundation racks become serious when the crack has elevation differential or if the crack continues to grow and expand.