Why Does A Foundation Inspection Take So Long?


Customer: Why does a foundation inspection take so long?


Foundation inspector: Well, to be as direct as possible, we strive to be complete.

Imagine going to buy a car… and it’s not from Carmax…that does a 125 point inspection on every car! You wouldn’t
know what condition the car is truly in without that inspection report. We desire to give you as
detailed a report as possible. For this reason we begin by listening to your concerns and motivation to
call us. We feel this is the most important step. You live in the home and are the best source of
information for what you feel is going on. We follow that with a visual inspection of the outside of
the home. Next step is to create a dimensional sketch of your exterior to give us a footprint of the
home’s foundation. We mark important items such as crawlspace entrance, water sources, gas
manifolds and air conditioner location to name a few. We then begin the important step of
documenting your elevation readings. We use a device that gives us readings down to a 10th of an inch
deflection. We are also sketching the interior walls of the home to give us more data in determining
possible causes for elevation changes due to load bearing walls. Once this is complete, we venture
into the dark secrets of your home. Yes, the crawlspace, where plumbing, insulation and spider webs
thrive. Because Crawlspaces are typically dark and dirty, it takes a while to crawl through the area and
document your foundation system. Once all this is complete we discuss our findings with you.