In September 27th’s Tip Of The Day, Justin goes into detail about what you can expect during one of our in-home foundation inspections.


The first key point to take away from this tip of the day would be the length of time a typical inspection may take. This can take anywhere from 1-2 hours but, may vary depending on the property. Once the project consultant arrives at the home, they will typically ask what the main concerns are with the property and the signs the homeowner has seen which made them call for the inspection. Customers may call for needs such as concrete repairing issues, fixing concrete, fixing cracked concrete, foundation settlement. Other customers will call for different services such as waterproofing a crawlspace, garage floor coatings, or concrete coating of patios or walkways. Our project consultants prefer the homeowner to walk along with them during the inspection to point out areas of concern and to ask any questions as the consultant inspects the property. Our consultants use specialized tools for precise measurements. Some homeowners will even see our consultants gear up in coveralls and face masks before entering a crawl space. At the end of the inspection, our consultant will give recommendations for repair to the homeowner. Once the consultant has left the property, they will then take all the information collected and enter it into a proposal for repair to present to the homeowner.


If you have concerns about your property or are looking for a company that specializes in concrete repair, foundation repair, fixing cracked concrete, waterproofing or even garage floor coatings, don’t hesitate to call today. We will be glad to set up an appointment for your free in-home estimate. Dalinghaus Construction proudly services all of Southern California, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego and all the places in between