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The steel crawl space jacks are designed to be a mechanical alternative to the typical wooden pier and beam system that is under most raised foundations. The steel jacks have the capability to add to or replace your existing wood pier system. The steel crawl space jack system is a great way to stabilize and lift those interior sagging floors of your raised foundation home, as well as adding a cleaner look to your property.

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ECP‘s PPB-103 and PPB-107 crawl space support jacks are designed to provide positive support to sagging floors above the crawl space and to help remove the bouncing or squeaking caused by inadequate support. This supplemental support system has an ultimate capacity of 60,000 lbs and is used where existing column supports have failed or settled.

Steel Crawl Space Jack Advantages:

  • Quick to Install

  • Positive Support System

  • Economical

  • Can be used in conjunction with existing or new Crawlspace Encapsulation

  • Zinc Corrosion Protection

  • 60,000 lb Capacity

  • Lift and level out of plumb doors and floors.