Push Piers for Foundation Repair in Southern California

Push piers are also called resistance piers or push piles. Push piers are used to repair settling foundations and a very common solution in Orange County and San Diego County. Push piers are driven deep in the load bearing strata to support foundations that are weakened by settlement, seismic activity, or poorly compacted soils.

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Our Orange County Push piers work well for:

  • Commercial buildings

  • Brick structures

  • Residential homes

What Causes Foundation Settlement?

Foundation settlement is caused by the numerous problems that occur in Southern California. Foundation problems are a direct result of foundation settlement. While the issue of Orange County area foundation settlement can be due to poor design of a structure, there are other likely culprits including:

  • The soil beneath a structure cannot support that structure.

  • The soil beneath a structure is poorly compacted and the weight of the structure compresses the soil.

  • Changes in the moisture content of the soil causes it to shrink and expand.

  • Trees and and other vegetation mature and when in close proximity to the foundation cause issues when the demand for water grows.

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