In the last video and blog that we shared we learned about the ICC (International Code Council) and how they evaluate products and manufacturers of all of our products. They create a report on these products regarding the evaluations. So who uses these reports?

City officials and project engineers utilize these reports. They use these reports to verify and validate the capacities of the products we use including helical piers and piles for example. When we plan a foundation repair project for example, project engineers will make an evaluation of the project and calculate the number of piers/piles needed for the project. They can then use the ICC reports as a sort of check and balance to make sure everything is calculated correctly. If needed they can then go to a larger pile or add additional piles or piers. That way we can be sure the capacity fits the load correctly.

Stay tuned for more Tips of the Day! Coming up you can learn more about ESRs and how they relate to the ICC. We sure do use a lot of abbreviations don’t we?