Geotechnical Foundation Support & Repair Services

You already know Dalinghaus Construction is Southern California’s #1 provider of foundation services. But did you know that we specialize in geotechnical foundation support and repair services for commercial, industrial, residential, government and municipal applications?

We work with engineers and general contractors on a daily basis, providing structural support solutions for new and existing foundations throughout Southern California. We design and provide alternative solutions to outdated construction technologies.

Because we know the science behind our geotechnical foundation solutions can be confusing to people outside the foundation repair business, we want to make it easy for architects, engineers and general contractors to learn about and understand the products and processes we use.

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Dalinghaus Never Settles

In 2011, Brian and Brad Dalinghaus came together with a goal of changing customer’s lives and bringing respect to the word “contractor.” The very first project we did was an investment property that needed touches from almost every realm of the construction industry, and we were up to the task.

From foundation repair to drywall and paint to finishing details like new flooring, kitchen and bath fixtures, we were able to do it all. We even completed both the front and back yard landscaping! The finished project caught the eye of realtors and neighbors in the area and word of our over-the-top workmanship quickly spread.

We dedicated the next four years to completing renovation projects like these, building a reputation for top-notch work and attention to detail among not only neighbors and realtors but with some of Southern California’s leading engineering, architectural and general contracting firms.

In 2015, we decided to focus solely on foundation repair. Brian and Brad’s vision is to make the customer experience the best in the industry. This vision of ours has helped to define us as the premier foundation repair company in Southern California.