Foundation Repair Services

There are a variety of causes for foundation cracks or shifting for your home. Dalinghaus Construction has seen them all and can advise you on the best method to stop and repair any type of foundation issue in Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties.

Our Orange County foundation repair solutions are a permanent way to remedy your foundation issues by utilizing a push pier and/or helical pier system. Dalinghaus Construction installs piers along the foundations’ footings and grade beams as needed.

These steel piers are hydraulically driven into the ground until they reach competent soils and/or bedrock beneath the foundation. These repair solutions provide the very best option to repair your foundation back to level. All pier systems as part of our Orange County foundation repair are hot dipped galvanized to add additional corrosion protection and supply the product with extended life expectancy.

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Foundation Repair Services

As leading Orange County foundation repair specialists, we truly want this to be the only time you will ever have to worry about your compromised foundation again. We have the following products to resolve foundation issues once and for all:

  • Helical Anchors & Tiebacks

  • Push Piers

  • Helical Piers

  • Utility Anchors

  • Steel Crawl Space Jacks

  • Carbon Fiber Repair

These products are commonly used in residential and commercial projects to aid in:

  • Foundation Stabilization

  • Slope Stabilization

It is important as a homeowner to know the problems that might occur around your home or business that indicate foundation problems. Click the bar below to learn more about the common signs of foundation problems. Visit our education center for more information, or request an Orange County area free home inspection. Knowledge is power!

Cracks are typically not covered by homeowners insurance. The only time insurance will cover foundation repairs is if the damages are caused by an internal, pressurized water leak.

A homeowner can attempt to repair a foundation crack themselves, but if they do not address the cause of the cracking their repairs will only be temporary.

In most areas of Southern California we can make foundation repairs year round. There are a few cold climate areas that experience extreme cold and freezing, which may prevent our crews from making certain repairs