Idenfity Your Foundation Problem

When you see the tell-tale signs of structural damage in your home, you may feel like you have a major problem, that will cost a small fortune to fix. However, if you know how to identify the damage, and catch it before it gets too bad, most foundation problems have simple, permanent solutions and many can be completed in a day! The key is to know how to recognize the problem, catch it early and call a foundation repair specialist, in Southern CA, that’s Dalinghaus, with the tools and expertise to solve the problem permanently.

Tell-Tale Signs You Have Foundation Problems

Drywall Cracks

Cracks in drywall throughout the house are one of the most common signs of foundation problems. They will often be larger and more obvious in the home’s upper levels. Typical drywall cracks will appear around door frames and windows, in the ceiling, in corners, and along the wall. Drywall tape can also be a good indicator, especially if it’s ripping or coming loose. Drywall cracks can also be a sign of sinking crawl space supports, sinking floors, and heaving floors.

Stair-Step Cracking

Stair-step cracking in concrete block walls or brick walls are trouble. As the settlement continues, vertical cracks may widen or become uneven as wall sections tilt away from each other, indicating more severe displacement. Keep an eye out for cracks that are wider at the top than at the bottom, as this is a sign of advancing settlement.

Tilting Chimneys

Another sign of settling foundation is tilting chimneys. A leaning or tilted chimney tends to be a more noticeable foundation issue. It is also a very dangerous problem when your chimney tilts or leans, it can either fall in on your home, or the mortar can come loose and fall.

Damaged Doors & Windows

Problems with your windows or doors are often a sign that your foundation may have an issue. Sticking windows or doors are often blamed on the humidity and the main cause is often overlooked which is the settling or shifting of your foundation. If your foundation has started to settle, it may also cause cracks to develop around the doors or windows, or cause them to separate from the walls since an opening cut in any wall is a weak point. All of these structural issues are usually the result of foundation failure and can lead to other issues throughout your home, such as water leakage or wall cracks. Other signs of foundation settlement include sticking or jamming doors and windows and locks that stop working.

Bowed Walls

Bowed Walls Occur when there is pressure being exerted on the walls from an outside force. When there are heavy rains the soil expands and causes foundation walls in basements and crawl spaces to bow and lean.

Slab Floor Cracking

Cracks in your concrete floor slab can be a sign of foundation settlement. However, it may also be that the slab floor alone has settled. There are times when your slab floor may sink independently of the foundation walls, damaging the floors but not necessarily the walls.

Wall & Floor Cracks

Some cracks may not be that serious, but others can be a big sign of foundation failure or at least foundation problems. If you notice a crack in drywall, ceilings, floors, walls, or tile in your home you should have an expert check the severity of the crack to ensure the problem isn’t serious.

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