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Bowed walls occur when a foundation wall or retaining wall has inward or outward bulging or movement and the wall starts to lean in or buckle. This is typically caused by pressure exerted on the wall. It can be caused by hydrostatic (water) pressure or large tree roots. Freezing and thawing cycles can also cause this problem. Whatever causes the problem, it is a serious one that you need to get addressed right away.

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There is a way to repair these types of problems with carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber is an extremely strong material that, when used for foundation repair, can last a very long time. We use Rhino Carbon Fiber for our carbon fiber wall repairs. The carbon fiber is fastened to a sill plate. That plate has galvanized brackets that can be sealed to the floor. Whether you have a block foundation or a poured concrete foundation, carbon fiber might be the solution for you. We can also use carbon fiber to repair foundation cracks.

Strong. Versatile, Long Lasting Wall & Crack Repair With Rhino Carbon Fiber

Even in the tightest of locations carbon fiber is a good solution, so it can be used in crawlspaces as well. The final product is a smooth surface that can be painted. It’s easy and fast to install and causes little disturbance to your home or your yard during the installation process. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call the team at Dalinghaus Construction. We are located in Lake Elsinore, Californa and serve the counties of Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles California. Get your quote on bowed wall repair or crack repair today.